Natural Icon

   Nature abounds with every day treasures! At Natural Icon Designs I make well made, handmade jewellery with a focus on semi precious gemstones, bone, amber, wood and freshwater pearls. I enjoy and take pride in creating every piece myself. Unless otherwise noted all pieces are one of a kind.

If you are interested in making your own treasures, I offer jewellery making classes taught in Calgary, including bead stringing, wire wrapping, making earrings, bracelets and necklaces. My fully equipped studio has a relaxed atmosphere with a low student to teacher ratio and classes are affordable with no pressure to over spend.

  You will not only have fabulous accessories, but also enhanced confidence, self esteem, and the fun and joy of creativity!

   Unlike classes at bead shops, you may bring beads you already have to a class. Supplies for one project are included in the price of the class so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of each bead that you are buying so the focus is totally on learning and designing.




Chubby facetted amazonite rondelle pendant

Cool, calm and unassumingly blue-green, Amazonite or Amazonstone is not flashy or dramatic. When I hold Amazonite I think of water and seafoam and the ocean. Amazonite is a Feldspar and is a blue version of Microcline. Hardness 6 - 6.5

harmony communication truth higher knowledge speaking truth heart and throat chakra can help manifest intentions though the spoken word. ~ pocket book

clairvoyance heart and throat chakra rids you of meanness greed and selfishness making you tolerant and patient considered a holy stone in Egypt lifts depression and relieves anxiety calming corrects mood swings coming to terms with grief confidence vitality and joy promotes restorative sleep under pillow ~ healing crystals & gemstones

seeing both sides of a problem harmonizing and balancing masculine and feminine energy creative thinking create a new reality  101 power crystals

soothes was in the breast plate of the high priest vibrates to the number 5 ~ purple book

filtering action geopathic stress wifi microwaves cell phone emanations electromagnetic pollution helps combine intellect with intuition allows you to see both sides of the argument  supports self determination emotional balance grief release  aligns the physical body with the etheric maintaining optimum health good for musicians and writers ~ encyclopedia of crystals

Other Feldspars (species) Labradorite, Moonstone, Sunstone,