Natural Icon

At Natural Icon Designs I make original mixed media paintings and handmade jewellery with a focus on semi precious gemstones, bone, amber, wood and freshwater pearls. I take pride in creating every piece in Calgary Alberta Canada. Unless otherwise noted all pieces are one of a kind.



Treasure for the Everyday


January - To stay up to date with what's new you can follow me on Instagram for the visuals, subscribe to my newsletter for some intel or read my journal for some deep thoughts:) This month there's new jewellery in pinky tones with a focus on garnet, January's birthstone according to the jewellery powers that be. Also Pyrite because it's cool any time of the year and goes with everything:) I'm still working on getting excellent quality fine art prints done locally and also looking at drop shipping options. I would like to be able to offer a variety of price points. Art for everyone! Also dealing with YYC hibernation issues and looking forward to a super massive MOON to round out the month!~Jennifer

February - Look for some Amethyst designs right quickly!

March - Snow!