Natural Icon

At Natural Icon Designs I make original mixed media paintings and handmade jewellery with a focus on semi precious gemstones, bone, amber, wood and freshwater pearls. I take pride in creating every piece in Calgary Alberta Canada. Unless otherwise noted all pieces are one of a kind.



Always So Much to Do!

I always feel like I am not getting enough done. I'm not great at relaxing at all. I very much feel like there are never enough hours in the day yet I also think I am a chilled individual until I blow my stack and then I think hey I'm actually a really big spaz. Sigh. Blogging I am not so good at. I always think it needs to be epic and amazing and it never really is so I am going to post something daily for awhile and see what comes of it. I may not even check my spelling which will really freak me out. I have been doing the #DailyBead on Instagram since January 1 and I must say I am getting bored of it. So the three month rule may not apply to me. I intend to stick with it though so we will see what happens! Blogging on the other hand makes me shiver. I'll start with something safe, a Daily Bead round up! I love visuals - colours, textures, balance and symmetry and contrast and all the components of visual language - so easy. Real language, not so easy :)  But like anything you want to get better at...practice!